Case Study - The Italian Job

The Task: A consignment is still 24-hours away by road from its destination in Italy when our client tells us they now need in under 4 hours, or the production line stops - stopping the production line is not an option, failure is not an option.

The Facts:
Each Sunday we collect a pallet from a manufacturer of precision parts in the
Midlands and deliver to a producer in Northern Italy on a Tuesday. We do this via our Europe Direct service.

On this particular week we collect as usual on Sunday but early on Monday morning we get a call on the 24-hour Rapide emergency line - change of plan, the client needs the pallet within a matter of hours. The client asks if we can arrange a collection by helicopter.

Action: The consignment is currently en route in Belgium and clearly won't arrive until Tuesday. Our Rapide team eliminates the helicopter option as it would not be able to fly over the Alps, nor could it carry enough fuel to complete its journey.

We decide to charter a plane. We direct the vehicle to the nearest airport which is
Luxembourg where we have arranged for a plane to be waiting.

The pallet is transhipped onto the aircraft and flown straight to the
nearest airport to its destination in
Northern Italy. As soon as the plane lands the pallet is transhipped onto our waiting van.

The parts are delivered to the customer in good time.