Case Study - Lithuanian Challenge

The Task: A race against time to get pallets from the UK to Lithuania to prevent production line shutdown.

The Facts:
On Monday afternoon the alarm is raised that a factory in
Lithuania will run out of the specialist material it uses in its manufacturing. An urgent order is placed with its supplier in Lancashire.

Lancashire based company call Rapide at 3pm on Monday asking for two pallets to be collected and delivered at the factory in Lithuania by Wednesday morning at the latest.

Action: We evaluate the time available and costs and decide that a double manned overland delivery is the best option. An hour after the call our Sprinter van is already loading the pallets at the manufacturers in Lancashire.

The van drives non-stop until he reaches the factory in Lithuania in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

When the factory opens on Wednesday morning, we are on hand with the all important fabric. It's just another normal day of production for the Lithuanian factory.