Picking and Packing

Pick and pack is the key to any warehousing solution. It is the result of this element that your clients experience and that will help you expand.

Archbold Logistics have significant experience in providing pick and pack operations for clients. Our skill and knowledge enables us to provide over 99.5% pick accuracy and highly competitive rates as standard.

We can also provide a number of other services to boost the quality of your service levels to your customer:
  • 99.5% accuracy - ensuring your clients gets what they want.
  • Low Cost - ensuring you can remain competitive.
  • Rapid response - ensuring your clients get it when they want it.
  • Night picking - we can cope with your changes in demand.
  • Stock monitoring - know your physical stock levels before you make your promises .
  • Pick shortage feedback - Know about any issues before you invoice
  • Shipment preparation - Ensure the product arrives in the right condition.
  • Stock location management - Ensure that stock is located in a pick friendly manner.