Read About Over 100 Years Of History

A Century of Experience

Not many people realise this, but in 2019 Archbold turned 100 years old. Over the last century, we’ve endured two world wars, the Great Depression, nationalisation, industrial unrest in the 1970s, and the infamous 2008 Credit Crunch.

Yet here we still are! Not only did we survive such tough economic times – we thrived, with our reputation that much stronger, and our history that much richer. I believe that’s something clients and colleagues alike can rightly feel proud of, and certainly worth commemorating.

Archbold has always stood for honesty and trust between people. Whether that’s colleagues or clients; everyone pushes our business forward, making sure goods get to the right places at the right time, whatever challenges we face.

Central Office

Our central office in Heywood with its myriad computer screens, is more like a busy financial hub in London or New York, than a traffic desk. Right now, our systems monitor vehicle position, speed, road conditions and fuel consumption – letting our customers know exactly when their goods will arrive, all in real-time. Managers can even check vehicle efficiency to keep costs down, and reduce our environmental footprint.

And it’s not just vehicles we look after. Our drivers operate lorries with comfort, support and features you might find in today’s premium passenger cars – easing the burden of long-distance haulage on our people.

Archbold Logistics

Customers can enjoy the benefit of a dedicated fleet operation without having to bear the full cost of a dedicated fleet.


Solving logistical issues is built into our DNA. Service and value are at the core of everything we do, and we have the expertise and resources to meet all your transport requirements.

Express Services

We provide a global, emergency logistics delivery programme to suit any specific task, size of product etc and utilising various modes of transport suitable to the task in hand.