As a company, Archbold takes all aspects of its corporate and social responsibility very seriously. Over the years we have adopted and supported many charities and we have been associated with Albany Children’s Trust since its inception.

Albany Children’s Trust

Albany Childrens Trust LogoAlbany Products Limited are one of our large UK clients and they have a registered Charity called the Albany Children’s Trust which was set up in January 2012.

The Trust helps young people under the age of 16 from the Rochdale / Oldham area to develop their capabilities and support them in the achievement of academic and social ambitions especially (but not exclusively) through leisure time activities so as to support them in growing to full maturity.

Two or three times a year we take a party of children from local schools for half a day to give them an insight into Logistics/Warehousing. We usually do a Company presentation and then have a Q&A session, the children get to ride on a fork lift truck in the Warehouse, use a hand-held scanner in the warehouse to scan products into our system, have a short ride in a Class 1 tractor unit (which they all absolutely love!), and to end we usually set them a task of drawing a new trailer for Archbold and designing their own livery for the Company. We send them back to school with a ‘goodie’ bag of stuff and usually a big chocolate muffin too!

It is a great opportunity for the children to get involved and have some fun time as well as educational/learning time. The senior team at Archbold are totally involved and committed to supporting the Trust and it is an enjoyable and entertaining day for us too!

Albany Childrens Trust

Sustainable Transportation

As a company we are acutely aware that the very essence of our business activities has a direct impact upon the environment. As a result, we are always monitoring this impact and make a conscious effort to learn, initiate and embrace new technologies in order to reduce our footprint and find environmentally friendly solutions.

Our fleet of tractor units are all manufactured to Euro V1 standards which we know makes a definite contribution towards the sustainable transportation of goods, services and extremely environmentally friendly transportation.

The aim of Euro 6 is to reduce levels of harmful truck exhaust emissions in diesel engines, and the knock-on effect of reducing these pollutants means we have improved fuel economy within our businesses. Lowering our CO2 emissions has helped to decrease the carbon footprint of our large fleet.

Driver Training

We have set in place both internal and external training resources to train our dedicated drivers to ensure they have the capabilities to drive in the most fuel-efficient way possible. We use in-cab telematics as a tool to monitor their driving style, MPG performance, braking and idling etc. We also deliver our own in-house Driver CPC courses to our driving team.

Archbold Logistics

Customers can enjoy the benefit of a dedicated fleet operation without having to bear the full cost of a dedicated fleet.


Solving logistical issues is built into our DNA. Service and value are at the core of everything we do, and we have the expertise and resources to meet all your transport requirements.

Express Services

We provide a global, emergency logistics delivery programme to suit any specific task, size of product etc and utilising various modes of transport suitable to the task in hand.