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Top benefits of hiring our trucking service

There’s no escaping the fact that truck running costs continue to rise at above the rate of inflation year on year.  This trend shows no sign of stopping any time soon.

With annual ownership running costs ranging from an estimated £70,000 plus for a 7.5 tonne vehicle and more than double that amount for a 44 tonne curtain-sider, you have to be moving an awful lot of goods in substantial loads on a daily basis for vehicle ownership to make economic sense.  Add to this the risk of disruption due to breakdowns or driver illness and the prospects of doing your own thing look less rosy.

With Archbold Logistics you have the assurance of a professional service geared exactly to your needs at a cost which compares favourably and with none of the downside.  Because we have a large fleet with a variety of different types of vehicle, we can gear what you get exactly to what you need.

Our fleet ranges from vans to large trailers and specialist trailers, and because we work for a broad range of prestigious clients throughout UK industry it allows us to consolidate loads to ensure you get absolute best value for money.

What’s more, our century of experience gained over four generations ensures we know everything there is about getting goods from A to B efficiently, safely, and on schedule.